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Outdoor Adventures with Kids

· Originally published by Children's Hospital Colorado ·

This article was published by Children’s Hospital Colorado and written by Jef Otte.  I feel the information is important enough to share here…plus, I’m pretty proud that my husband, Aaron, was interviewed and contributed to this article.  Click here for the original post. Spring is here: the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer….

2nd Speed Workout

Okay, so my speed workouts have not been going as planned.  Actually, all of my workouts have not been going as planned.  I’m finding it hard to get out and go for a run when 1) it’s raining AND I have the kids and 2) it’s snowing AND I have the kids.  I do not…

First Speed Workout

I love it when I have a friend come over and just kick my behind with a good workout. I mean, what are friends for if they can’t push you to your max, make you almost cry, keep you going, and absolutely love every second of it?!? I have some of the best workout/running buddies….

New Running Goal

I’ve always called myself a distance runner and I’ve been pretty content in my 10 min/mile pace.  HOWEVER, while I’m recovering and strengthening my core, I’m finding that I need a new focus to stay motivated to run, especially since I’m slowly building up my mileage (I’m only up to 4 miles at this point).  So, here…

Getting my Groove Back

Man, I miss running. Yesterday I hired a sitter so I could go for a run with a running buddy of mine – that’s how much I miss it. Running is when I can truly let go of all of my responsibilities at home and JUST GO. So much of my every day is (willingly)…