It's the Tiny Things

Hi there! I’m Jenna, a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom. I am a lover of chocolate, travel, ballet flats and Grace Kelly. I believe all activities in the mountains are just as relaxing as sitting on the beach, that active kids are happy kids, fitness is a lifestyle, and occasionally eating cookie dough for dinner is perfectly acceptable

Organization is my Zen. Just when my life felt perfectly organized, God threw infertility my way. 5 years and a billion prayers later, I finally accepted that He is in control.  I was blessed with a successful pregnancy and life was put back in it’s place. My blessing – TRIPLETS – reminds me that, overall, LIFE won’t be organized.  It’s messy, loud, and chaotic, but I still try to notice and appreciate those tiny moments that make it all worth it because I believe there is beauty in both the organized and the hectic.


It’s the Tiny Things is my little creative corner of the world where I can talk about being a mom, trying to decorate with toddlers, regaining my pre-pregnancy fitness level, and any recipes that are healthy and don’t take all evening to prepare. I’ll show you the most authentic version of myself, while appreciating the beautiful tiny things in life that make this craziness worth it.